The Boston Public School System Deserves Praise and Not an Investigation

HareYesterday I expressed my fear that the Boston Public Schools (BPS) were going to be torn apart by a federal investigation and rued the failure by anyone in authority to object to these outsiders destroying what many have labored hard over a dozen or so years to build up. The same group that brought about the busing debacle, the NAACP and ACLU, seek to again use the federal government to interfere with those hard at work in the BPS.

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The Great American Tragedy: Whitewashing the Past

slaveryI intend to write more about the issue involving the Boston Public Schools and the unwanted federal intrusion into its business but for now let me tell you about what has been trampling around in my mind. You know there is a Youtube by two black students at Boston Latin School (BLS) complaining about the racial atmosphere at the school. As part of the video one student, Kylie Webster-Cazeau, gave as an example of their complaint: “When you’re the only black student in your AP US history course and when slavery comes up, they all turn to you.”

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Explaining the Triumphant Trump Through The MBTA Incident:

She wrote to him that he must do a survey to: “determine whether all options that would eliminate or mitigate disparate impacts have been implemented.” (my emphasis) The survey is demanded by this representative of the federal government to determine if the cancellation of the MBTA extended late night service on weekends between 12:30 am and 2:00 am will have a disparate effect on low income and minority populations who ride the MBTA during that time.

The writer is Linda Ford,  the associate administrator of the FTA Office of Civil Rights. She wrote to John Englander, the general counsel of the MBTA .

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“I Thought If I Did That They’d Be Satisfied?” Senator Brian Joyce’s Road To Prison

HareSenator Brian Joyce from Milton’s lawyer said back around February 17: “Senator Joyce  has been cooperating with each inquiry that has taken place . . . ”  Too bad the senator never read this site. Had he, he would be a much more contented elected official. He would have learned that the last thing that would help him was to cooperate with the Boston U.S. attorney’s office.

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